la pomme de portland

- The Mingling of Food, Family and Life -

La Pomme de Portland—part memoir/part cookbook—is a gentle reminder to gather your loved ones, share food and stories, and rediscover the art of connecting with one another around the kitchen table.

Food brings us together — family, friends, strangers — to share our stories. We draw comfort from one another, from knowing that we all face variations of the same successes and challenges, from knowing that we’re not alone in our messy yet beautiful lives. There's a rhythm to these seasons we live and eat. There's comfort in knowing what's next. Strawberries or butternut squash. Independence or parenthood.

These stories and recipes are from the season of Carrie Minns’s life when she sent her youngest off to kindergarten, ushered her eldest out of the nest, and lost her mom to ALS. The details of her stories may be different from yours, but the sentiment is the same – love, loss, regret, celebration.

Carrie Minns believes all of us on this tiny planet want the same things from life—to be nourished, to know love, to feel that our lives matter. She hopes that when you read her stories and make her recipes you will be inspired to gather those you love around your own table.

La Pomme de Portland

The Mingling of food, family & life

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Your book is truly a work of art. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. Portland, OR

You not only write from the heart but you are funny and thoughtful as well - a rare combination. Atlanta, GA

A delightful, endearing book. So heartfelt and tender yet profoundly meaningful. Portland, OR

Made your Kale Kielbasa and Potato Soup…sooo delicious. My mom made your Ginger Cookies and brought them with her when she visited this week. Also amazing! Minneapolis, MN

Reading your book is like getting wrapped up in a big hug. Portland, OR

I love to get a cup of tea, curl up and read your stories. They take me to my happy place. Seattle, WA

I love your book on so many levels. The book is beautiful, the recipes will get me back into the kitchen but, most of all, I love the stories. A real treasure! Portland, OR


Carrie Minns, photographer near Golden Gate Bridge

Carrie Minns is a writer and photographer based in Portland, Oregon.

Carrie is about as Northwest born and bred as one can get. She spent her early childhood on Whidbey Island, Washington and most of her adult life in Portland, Oregon. Her days are fueled by coffee and regular walks in the rain with her golden retriever co-workers.

Carrie cannot recall a time in her life spent under rainy northwest skies when she wasn’t creating–art, music, food, words, photographs.

Back when the internet was young and before social media had a Like button, she started an unassuming food and photography blog featuring recipes and stories from her life.

Her blog led to appearing on live television as a regular guest chef since 2010 on Portland, Oregon’s morning show, AMNW, as well as three years writing and photographing the Home Grown Chef column for 1859 Oregon’s Magazine, establishing a photography business in 2012, and publishing her book in 2018, La Pomme de Portland–The Mingling of Food, Family and Life.

Carrie lives with the profound belief that once you strip away the labels and the societal distinctions, we all want the same things from life—to be nourished, to know love, and to feel that our lives matter in some small way. She hopes that when you read her stories and make her recipes you come away feeling just that way about yourself.

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La Pomme de Portland

by Carrie Minns

Paperback: 228 pages

Dimensions: 8”W x 11”L x 0.75”D

Total weight: 2.02 lbs

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-7320836-0-8

Publisher: Fern & Flora, Co., April 6, 2018

Written and photographed by Carrie Minns

Printed in USA on Mohawk Fine Paper

One dollar from every book sold is donated to the ALS Association